11 Controversial Moments Of Indian Cricket Dressing Room


Sunil Gavaskar-Kapil Dev charges

The column between two of Indian cricket’s most noteworthy legends Kapil Dev and Sunil Gavaskar had without a doubt been perhaps the darkest time the game has seen in the nation. During the 1984-85 Test arrangement among India and England, Dev’s foolhardy play in the subsequent Test cost him his place in the national group just as enraged then at that point chief Gavaskar.

As claims and counter charges come to be leveled against both of the cricketers, things began turning terrible. Kapil denounced Gavaskar for his exclusion, while the last invalidated every single such charge. The in-center battling stretched out to the changing area also and Gavaskar promised to not play at the notable Eden Gardens again after he was pelted with spoiled vegetables and natural products by the group of spectators.