11 Controversial Moments Of Indian Cricket Dressing Room


Virat Kohli’s ‘group custom’ on introduction

Current Indian group chief Virat Kohli had likewise been involved with the dim diversion in the changing area. Kohli was solicited to take the favors from veteran Tendulkar by contacting his feet in continuation of the group custom. What ended up being a trick after had in fact left Virat mournful as the little youngster was just making his introduction!

Source:- Innfinity




10 Indian cricketers who have been banned for Fixing Charges


#1 Mohammad Azharuddin

One of the best Indian chiefs and one of the best batsmen of the advanced period, it is miserable that a player of the gauge of Mohammad Azharuddin engaged in a noteworthy match-fixing embarrassment. With 22 Test hundreds of years and more than 15,000 worldwide rushes surprisingly, Azharuddin was broadly viewed as India’s best batsman for just about 10 years before Sachin Tendulkar rose to unmistakable quality.