10 Bollywood Actresses Who Had Casting Couch Experiences

10. Chitrangada Singh

Entertainer Chitrangada Singh who is known to be perhaps the hottest on-screen character in B-town had an awful involvement in Bollywood on the arrangements of the motion picture ‘Babumoshai Bandookbaaz’.

Yet the episode was not an immediate throwing love seat demand, it was the roundabout requests of the executive during taping that made her vibe externalized for the personal scenes in the film.

Singh accuses executive Kushan Nandy for utilizing foul language in contentions and blames him for driving her to re-shoot a personal scene and to delay a kissing scene for 7 seconds with Nawazuddin Siddiqui who featured nearby her.

“We completed the [intimate] shot and Kushan said that he didn’t care for it. He needed me to lie over Nawaz. Presently let me disclose to you that I was wearing an underskirt for that scene,” says Singh.

At that point came the interest for a more drawn out kiss, Singh reviews:

“We had officially shot a montage where Kushan needed me to accomplish something comparable. Nawaz and I had additionally kissed in that montage, and now Kushan needed a 7-second kiss in the private scene.”

Chitrangda left the film following these occurrences, even in the wake of allowing it another opportunity in the wake of addressing Nawaz however Kushan didn’t get back to her.

It is obvious from these disclosures that things are progressively changing as driving entertainers are standing in opposition to inappropriate behavior in Bollywood.

Nonetheless, for some settled female stars, the Bollywood brotherhood is as enormous as it is a little affectionate network and turning out with claims against known makers, executives or other individual entertainers can mean estrangement and potential loss of your acclaim and fortune quickly.

In this manner, these ten models are in all probability not simply the throwing sofa episodes that have occurred in Bollywood, with regards to entertainers and the lewd behavior requests put on them.





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