10 Bollywood Actresses Who Had Casting Couch Experiences

The throwing lounge chair has been predominant in Bollywood for quite a while. Further to crusades like #Time’sUP, Bollywood on-screen characters are getting out against sexual stalkers. Here are 10 on-screen characters who experienced episodes identified with the throwing love seat.

In Bollywood as well, a couple of on-screen characters have opened up about their encounters and acknowledged that throwing love seat is an issue that should be handled in the Indian film industry.

The social setting of India makes it hard for ladies to be vocal about such issues. The injured individual accusing disposition of the general public frequently debilitates ladies from facing such offenses.

Be that as it may, entertainers who have been valiant enough to talk about their throwing sofa experiences are raising its mindfulness.

Here are ten entertainers who talked about their encounters of inappropriate behavior.

1. Kalki Koechlin

Kalki Koechlin made an alarming disclosure about a Bollywood maker when she talked about confronting inappropriate behavior at work environment. She reviewed an occurrence where a specific maker under the guise of ‘becoming more acquainted with him’ approached her out for a late supper. He even guaranteed her the film on the off chance that she acknowledged his welcome.

Despite the fact that Kalki declined the offer, she later became more acquainted with the film was rarely made. Probably the greatest point she made in a video that she discharged in the wake of the #MeToo development was, “Individuals don’t hear you out in the event that you are no one important, however in the event that you are a big name it just turns into a stunning feature.”


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